The one thing most amatuer golfers overlook….

One thing that I see that gets overlooked by most golfers is nutrition during your round of golf. A round of golf takes more out of us than most realize.

First it is very important to be properly hydrated which starts long before your round. The old saying is by the time you are thirsty it is to late.

I know I’m as guilty of this as the next where I typically play golf alongside the maintance crew in other words first one out, and my normal routine is to wake up fill up on coffee and head to the tee.

What I have learned is if I make sure I drink 2 glasses of H20 (water) first and then get some caffeine in me it makes a huge difference and it also helps reduce the “need” to drink so much coffee.

Second in the last few years I have become familiar with a few products that really help with the nutritional aspect of hydration which includes loss of electrolytes etc.

One of the products I recommend is Amino Vital Focus Zone which comes in handy powdered pouches that you add to your water bottle.  You can click on the link to get any info you want about their products. I do use their products and really like them which has lead me to sell their products . When I find a product I really like and use I can’t resist getting involved.

I would recommend checking out their website Amino Vital where they have a lot of information on how their products can help you have the advantage coming down the back 9.

Also I would really recommend you look at what you are buying when you make the turn!

The first thing to go when you start to fatigue is your mental start to lose your ability to focus and concentrate. Proper nutrition goes along way in helping reverse or slow down this process! It is important to stay hydrated along with having a few healthy snacks along with you in your bag.

I usually carry a few hard boiled eggs along with an apple or banana stuff like this to go along with my water and Focus Zone

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