Do you know your yardages?

I am a big fan of using a range finder especially on the course during your practice rounds.

One of the things I see day in and day out is golfers using the wrong clubs.

Knowing how far you hit each club is one of the most overlooked aspects in golf! Everyone worries and focuses on how far they hit the ball off the Tee!

Which is important don’t misunderstand me but the knowledge of knowing exactly how far you are going to hit your approach shot and understanding how consistently you actually can hit to a specific yardage is what will give you more scoring chances and get you closer to the holethis season.

I recommend getting a good rangefinder and get out on the course and do some real live practice, (make sure your course allows it and don’t hold up play) where you are hitting the balls you normally play and from areas you normally hit your approach shots from and start “zapping” yardages and then hit your normal approach shot and then hit one with an extra club and with one club less. Then when you get up to the green take note where your ball lands (always repair your ball marks) not where it ends up.

This point is very important because we need to know for sure if we can carry a bunker stuff like that. You can then step off the yardage from the flag and see how far you actually hit you 6,7,& 8 irons for example..

Most players I see get their yardages incorrect and think because they hit the green they have hit the correct club! They fall into the trap of I am 175 yrds out they pull out their 7 iron and hit a good shot and because it made it to the green they assume it was the correct club. Where in reality they could have hit a 6 iron and not only would the ball be closer to the target it also can give you a bit more forgiveness in the fact that if you don’t hit it perfect you will have enough club to still get to the green. Remember Ben Hogan himself claims to only hit a few good shots per round the rest are a little mishit..or something to that effect.

A good practice to get into is to really notice where your ball is landing in regards to the yardage you were trying to hit to, you might be in for a surprise.

If you are looking for a great rangefinder that I personaly use it is the Nexus Brand they are very reasonably priced and come in a few different versions with and withour the slope option…Nexus Precsion Pro NX7


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Coach Len


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